Taylor Johnson

Current Trails and Achievements
MLF Southwestern Toyota Series, MLF Cowboy BFL Division
Two Time MLF Top 10 Finisher, 2022 All American Qualifier, 2021 MLF BFL Cowboy Division Champion

Current Electronics Setup
With the price of equipment in today's time, it is hard not to be sure and use the most stable, and effective mounts on the market to bolt everything down, Bass Boat Technologies. At the console on a BBT Mega Double, I have chosen to run a Garmin 8612xsv and an 8610xsv so that I can utilize my GT36/8 transducer combo to its fullest potential with a dedicated unit for mapping. I went a different path with the bow using a BBT Double Stack, installing two Garmin 1223xsv model units with an LVS34 Livescope System. Setting the bow up in this way has allowed me to utilize a dedicated unit for Livescope and a dedicated unit for mapping, making them interchangeable if one ever went out. The nosepiece on the boat is a new Garmin Force 50”, which I have hooked up to two 36v40ah Impulse Lithium batteries.

I was born and raised in Texarkana, and grew up fishing tournaments with my dad on the best lakes East Texas and South Central Arkansas have to offer. Early on I was all about the shallow flipping and dissecting of all the shallow cover that this area has to offer, but as I grew up I saw the change in the electronics world and quickly wanted to master that and have since fallen in love with the offshore game. I fished through high school and then converted right over into the BFL and now on to adding in the Toyota Series. These days with forward facing sonar, in my spare time I do electronics trips to teach people about their units and set them up to get the most out of them. I also enjoy hunting during the fall, along with crappie fishing, and going out and scoping for giant fall bass.

Facebook: Taylor Johnson
Instagram: t_johnson77
Tik Tok: Taylorjohnson788